About Us

Most people are not taught in school how to become wealth, we help educate young people on how to implement different strategies in property so that they can grow generational wealth

More About Us

I’m Kenny, born and raised in South London. Senior Biomedical Scientist by profession with a passion for education in property. I always grew up excited about property, specifically before and after development projects. As time went on and my knowledge of what I loved grew, I realised the gap in understanding of property investment in my community. It was because of this that I became an advocate for property education. I aim to play my part in helping build a younger property-educated community and make property investment the norm in our generation.
Hi I’m Goke a property investor. This is something I thought would never be a title I would call my self. After graduating from university as a pharmacist I knew I wanted to build wealth and my current role was restricting that. I then decided to invest in my first property after saving for a couple years. At this point I got the buzz for property investing but realised I did not want to wait for another 2 years before buying or making money from property. I then came across a strategy called rent to rent. This was a game changer that allowed me to build cash flow to add to my savings and go on to buy my next few properties. I now have a property management company consisting of rent to rent properties, my own properties as well as properties I manage for other. I also focus on commercial to residential conversion as well as land development. I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise in property as I understand the benefits of it when you are starting out and on a property journey.
I’m Akin a property sourcer & investor with strong background in tech & digital marketing. After having some experiences & exposure to the property industry in my early 20s because of older sibling & cousin I was always going to want to start investing from young. I started off with the rent to rent strategy that helped me first get into the world of property investing. Few years later I decided it was time to start purchasing properties and finding means to creatively fund projects. In this process I discovered a passion for helping others buy their own properties and build portfolios. I also became an advocate for property education for young people who may not have been exposed to the knowledge I was able to gain on my journey so far. Through our platform and property sourcing/management business I want to help people build generational wealth.